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  1. Waste Management Event and Cluster
  2. Waste Pickers Intensive Training
  3. Sustainability Consultant
  4. PlasticHub (Prototyping)
  5. WasteHub Products (Coming soon)
  6. Food and Organic Recycling (Coming Soon)
  7. Integrated Waste Management Facility (Coming soon)

Globally, 2 billion people do not have access to waste collection services and 3 billion people lack access to controlled waste disposal facilities. With increasing urban populations and the existence of consumer-oriented economies amid rising income levels and rapid urbanization, it is estimated that the total waste generated in the world will double from nearly 2 billion tons in 2016 to about 4 billion tons by 2050.

Indonesia is estimated to generate over 190,000 tons of waste every day, the majority of which is organic waste. Plastic constitutes around 25,000 tons per day of which at least 20 percent is believed to end up in rivers and coastal waters. Every 20 minutes, the equivalent of a 10-ton truckload of plastic is dumped into the waters around Indonesia. Additionally, an excessive number of waste pickers are exist across the country. Indonesia’s union of 3.7 million waste pickers. Their income varies between US$ 50-100 per month, which is considered low as compared to national level.

In Jakarta, a number of 7800 tons of waste are produced everyday in Jakarta and there are many waste picker communities that live in an extreme sadness.

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